About the site

Many people around the world take so much pride in their language. They love it and respect it so much that they are willing to teach anyone who listens and willing learn. This spirit shown by such people is very admirable because without pride and love for one’s culture or language we are all lost. Knowing one’s mother tongue is very impressive and has lots of benefits but being bilingual is even more beneficial.

This website explores languages and their importance in our everyday lives. It gives guidelines on how to benefit from knowing more than one language and most importantly why people should start learning a new language as soon as possible.

What to expect

There are a few topics that are going to be discussed later on which are very interesting. Some issues might speak to some while some might not be relevant to others. What is constant though throughout these articles is emphasis being put on how crucial it is for someone to be bilingual.

For those who are recent graduates or current employees looking into exploring more exciting and challenging opportunities, the articles ahead help you to get that edge needed in the work place. Studies have proven that people who are bilingual stand a better chance of landing a good job than monolingual people. Being bilingual also increases the chances of someone getting a pay raise or landing a job that pays well.

For those who are thinking or relocating or raising children there are also some interesting articles for you here. Ways of managing a child’s learning progress will be discussed . We will explore how to deal with having different languages in the house, how not to confuse the children when learning these new languages as well as the do’s and don’ts.

We also explore how being bilingual can give one an edge in this very competitive world we live in. Understanding more than one language can help those that like to see the world and do not believe in roots. Having a good command of English as well as other languages helps travellers communicate well with people from various communities. It also helps them to truly understand the culture and become one with the locals. It is said that when you truly know and understand people’s language, even though you are a foreigner, you stop being a minority and become one of them.

We hope you enjoy the articles on this site and that you start learning a new language today.