Advantages of learning English

With the rise of the internet age people from all corners of the world are now connected. People are travelling more and buying things online on different sites from different countries. It is no secret that most of these sites are written in English. This is because English has become the official accepted global language. It will be more beneficial for one to learn English to get by, even if it is basic.

Buying goods online

The nature of recent jobs which require people to be hands on and dedicate more time to their work people are having way less time to simple things like shopping. In the olden days people had time to rest and have time to themselves but recent jobs such as stock market brokers people are having to work more and at odd hours of the day. This therefore means that more and more people do not have the luxury to walk around in malls or visit their favourite stores for either grocery shopping or buying essential things for work.

Shopping online has become the solution for most. Being bilingual these days becomes an added advantage. If for example one speaks Italian and also English, it will greatly help them when they are shopping online on foreign sites that are only written in English. At times sites translate their pages into different languages but relying on this greatly limits the users shopping experience.

Besides shopping more and more people are now surfing the internet and visiting social media sites as well as online gambling sites. An example of a popular site is Unibet which is a highly ranked online casino gaming site. It offers users world class experience. This experience is best enjoyed when the users are bilingual and understand the basics of English.

Being bilingual allows people browsing the internet to know exactly what they are agreeing to. If a user for example goes onto a site and orders electronics or clothes from there, they are supposed to be able to read all the terms and conditions and disclaimers put on such goods such as grey market goods or refurbished goods. It is really important to understand these disclaimers as they affect the decision one makes. Understanding English will definitely come in handy in a situation like this one because the buyer makes an informed decision rather than assuming that the goods are in a certain condition.

Understanding another language other than a user’s native language makes it easier to learn a lot on the internet. Let’s say for example a person wants to learn how to play three card poker online. In most cases most sites will explain the rules, strategy and how to win in English. It will take a monolingual person longer to learn these important rules because they have to translate the whole page into their mother tongue first. At times translating a whole page might not be possible and so individual phrases have to be translated and this takes up a lot of time.

The problem with translating one language into another is that the translations are not always spot on. One word might have two meanings in another language and if the wrong one is understood it greatly distorts the meaning of the whole sentence. It is therefore more advantageous for one to be bilingual in order for them to avoid these problems.