Being Bilingual and Studying Abroad

Language is a beautiful thing. It is how we communicate, express our emotions and make our thoughts known. Having a common language with someone, for example, on a bus or flight makes the trip more pleasant because a proper conversation can be had. Language is the one thing which unites people because they understand each other.

Studying in a Different Country

Going on a trip with the family can be fun and exciting when in a foreign country which has a different language from one’s own. It can be relatively easy to get by, as there are translation books as well as guides who most likely speak English. Studying in a foreign country is a totally different ball game. There are no tour guides or manuals to adequately help with the studies and getting by, in and around campus.

It is easier for one to make friends quicker if they are bilingual or possess a high level of command in the vernacular. People tend to feel more comfortable with strangers, even from another country, if they can share stories, laugh and confide in each other. Telling jokes in the vernacular is more natural, and funnier, than when it is translated into a different language.

Besides making friends, it is more comfortable being bilingual in a country which has Italian, French or Spanish languages, because if one is studying at a university that is not situated in one of the big cities, chances are that the locals might only know that one language. Ordering food can prove to be very problematic as there will be a language barrier. It can prove to be very challenging to explain the dish you wish to order to your waiter, or explaining to them that you are highly allergic to nuts or seafood.

Getting in and around the city can also be a big challenge, especially if the local community does not understand your native language. A guide or expensive personal transport will probably be a solution for one to travel safely from point A to point B.

From these points mentioned above, it is clear that being bilingual and understanding the local community’s language has many benefits. People tend to help out more if they believe someone is one of them. If they figure out that a person does not speak their language or is a foreigner, they tend either not to want to help or to charge exorbitant prices for their services.